Nominal Sizes and Tolerance

Wallhole Width is equal to Unit Dimension Width plus the sum of Side Tolerance values.
Wallhole Height is equal to Unit Dimension Height plus Upper Tolerance value.
Use the Set as Nominal radio button to choose one of these dimension definitions as the opening’s Nominal Size.
Transfer Current Nominal Size to Selection: This checkbox is applicable if you change your definition of the Nominal Dimension (e.g. from Unit Dimensions to Wallhole Dimensions). If this box is checked, then the values of the original Nominal Dimension (those set for Unit Dimensions) are transferred to the new Nominal Dimension (your Wallhole Dimensions). The other dimension values will be adjusted automatically.
Note: If you wish to enter Oversize values, use the Oversize controls on the Wall Openings tab page. Entering an Oversize does not (unlike the Tolerance value) affect the Nominal Size of the opening.
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