Model Attributes of Door/Window Opening

3D Detail Level: Choose either Detailed, Simple or Off. If you choose Off, then the door/window is not displayed at all and is shown as an empty opening.
Note: This setting is also found on the Door (Window) Settings and Opening tab page.
Shadow: Turn on to display a shadow effect for this opening in 3D.
Curve Resolution: Applied to the opening’s curved components when generating their 3D display. (The circle formed out of the curved component will be divided into the given number of segments.) A higher curve resolution can improve the 3D appearance, but increases file size.
Frame Element Joinery: Choose either Mitered or Butt Joint.
Override MVO for 3D Projections: Check this box to override, for this particular opening, the Model View Options for Opening Lines defined at Document > Model View > Model View Options (Opening Lines in 3D Projections).
The Frame and Leaf (Sash) 3D Pen controls affect the parts of the Frame and Leaf/Sash that are displayed
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