Frame Style and Dimensions

Frame Style: Choose one of three frame styles.
Note: If the chosen door uses a double-egress opening type (set on the General Settings page), the simplest Block style is automatically used. In this case, no other options are available.
Frame Width: To set a different frame width for any and all sides of the door frame, uncheck the Uniform Frame Width box and set values as needed.
Frame Thickness = Wall Thickness: Check this to make the frame and the wall the same thickness.
Uncheck Uniform Frame Thickness if you want to vary the frame thickness parameter.
Note: By default, this checkbox is checked and gray (unavailable.) This parameter becomes available only if you have set Frame Thickness to equal Wall Thickness, and if all door sashes open in the same direction. (By default, door leafs and their sidelights/transoms open in opposite directions.)
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