Floor Plan and Section Tab Page (Door/Window Settings)

Note: Alternatively, you can use the 2D attributes on the Floor Plan and Section panel of Door/Window Settings. This method involves a reduced number of parameters for simplicity. See Override GDL Object Attributes of Doors/Windows, below.
Note that some display parameters are “by MVO”, that is, corresponding to the options set in Model View Options (Document > Model View > Model View Options), but you can override some of these attributes for the particular opening being edited.
2D Detail Level: Choose a preferred level of detail for the 2D display of the opening.
if you choose by MVO, the detail level corresponds to the options set in Model View Options (Document > Model View > Model View Options):
if you choose Scale Sensitive, then the amount of detail shown varies depending on project scale.
Show Reveal on Symbol: Choose the scale at which the reveal should be displayed on the Floor Plan. (Reveal will not be displayed if the scale is larger than the chosen value.)
Wall Contour Lines: Set the Wall Contour lines for the opening display. If you turn on any of the contour lines, you can set separate line types for hidden/visible lines.
To apply any fills to the door/window, check the Use Fills box to enable all fill parameters. If Use Fills is off, the opening display will not use any fills on any of its components.
For these settings to take effect, make sure that the applicable Override Object’s /Line Types/Pens/Attributes checkbox(es) are on. Otherwise, the Door/Window will be displayed with its GDL Object attributes.
Note: For some doors/windows, no relevant GDL parameter is defined. In this case, the object will be displayed using the attributes defined in the Floor Plan and Section panel (regardless of the Override checkboxes).
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