Curtain Wall Settings: Panel Settings (Main, Distinct)

In Curtain Wall System Settings, the Panel pages set the System-level default settings for each Panel class (Main, Distinct). Click Match All Panel Classes to Current Settings to apply the settings of the current Panel Page to the other Panel class.
Panel Tool Settings contains nearly identical controls. Panel Tool Settings is available in Curtain Wall Edit mode only. Use the Class pop-up to apply System-level Panel settings to the selected Curtain Wall, or to adjust the parameters of Distinct or Main panels in this Curtain Wall. If you customize any parameters in Frame Tool Settings, the Class pop-up will show “Custom.”
If you want these cut line/pen settings to take effect in Floor Plan and Section, make sure you check Enable Frame Type’s Attributes in the Floor Plan and Section panel of Curtain Wall System Settings.
Override Surface: Use any or all three pops-up you wish to override the inside, outside or edge surfaces assigned to this panel class.
To override Surfaces, you must first uncheck the Use Panel Building Material’s Surface box.
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