Zone Categories Dialog Box

Use the Options > Element Attributes > Zone Categories command to open this dialog box.
New: Click this button to create a new zone category by creating a copy of the selected zone category under a new name and editing its properties.
Rename: Click this button to rename the currently selected zone category.
Delete: Click this button to remove the selected zone category from the project.
Zone Stamp pop-up: Choose a Zone Stamp for use with this zone category. Zone Stamps are GDL objects. From the pop-up, choose one of the zone stamps from your loaded library, or load another zone stamp from another source.
Color: Choose a color for the selected Zone Category. By default, all zones belonging to this category will be displayed in this category color in the project.
Parameter Default Values: The parameters in this list apply by default to the Zone Stamp of the selected Zone Category. You can change these default values if needed; newly placed zones in this category will use the zone stamp parameters set here. (You can edit these parameters for each zone stamp individually in the Zone Settings dialog box.)
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