Network And Update Options

Use this screen (Options > Work Environment > Network And Update Options) to define options related to the Internet and HTML format.
HTML Output Options: Choose a style to use when saving data in HTML format, e.g., from a list-type Window in text format.
Simple: Choose this to display the HTML file without styles.
With Styles: Choose this to display the HTML file using the Style Sheet formatting below. (Click Browse to find and use a different style sheet.)
Style Options: Choose External if you want the resulting HTML file to include a link to the chosen Style Sheet. Choose Internal if you want to include the Style Sheet itself as part of the HTML file.
Check for Updates: Check this box if you want automatic notification – when starting ARCHICAD – if a new ARCHICAD or Library update (Hotfix) becomes available. You will be notified with an on-screen Alert if the Check for Update function is run. This function only works if you have a live Internet connection.
Note: Check for Updates will provide automatic information about your ARCHICAD version to the GRAPHISOFT website. These data are limited to the data needed in order to update; they include no personal information.
Click Check Now to check for updates immediately.
Note: The Check for Updates does not download anything to your computer automatically. It only provides a notice that such a download is available.
Always compress network traffic: This is checked by default. However, compressing data in a LAN environment might reduce performance. Use this option when using low bandwidth connections. (e.g. Wireless or VPN connection).
Address format: http://proxy.address:port
Note: ARCHICAD will use the BIMcloud Delta Cache only for projects located on a BIMcloud.
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