Work Environment Dialog Box

Open this dialog box from Options > Work Environment > Work Environment.
If you have customized a number of settings in Options > Work Environment, you may wish to save them for future use in other projects, so that your personalized Work Environment is ready for you when you start to work.
Individual settings are organized into six Schemes; saving your settings occurs at the Scheme level. Work Environment Schemes are saved in a local folder on your computer (not with the project file). You can store, import and export any or all of the scheme files.
See Work Environment Schemes for more information.
You can also combine any of the schemes into a Profile, and store the Profile under its own name. Profiles themselves do not contain settings; they are just a collection of schemes. Use Options > Work Environment > Work Environment Profiles to export and import profiles to/from folders of your choice.
See Work Environment Profiles for more information.
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