Create, Load and Share Surfaces (All Engines)

Use the Options > Element Attributes > Surfaces command to access these functions.
Note: CineRender Settings have additional commands that allow you to load C4D surfaces and match CineRender Settings with those of other engines. See Match Settings with CineRender Surfaces.
Click Share to upload your surface to BIM Components.
In the Add New Surface dialog box, choose one of the following:
Duplicate (Re-create an existing Surface with a new name)
New from catalog (Use this to replace the current surface with one imported from the catalog, together with any associated texture file and/or fill attribute)
Replace Settings from Catalog (Use this to replace the settings only of the current surface with those of a surface selected in the catalog)
Use this to replace the settings only of the current surface with those of a surface selected in the catalog.
Although surfaces can include a vectorial hatch (used to display surfaces in certain ARCHICAD views), this Replace Settings function will not overwrite the vectorial hatch (if any) of your original surface; that vectorial hatch remains unchanged in the project (and continues to be listed as before in Attribute Manager).
Search Active Library: this includes linked libraries, the Embedded Library, and BIM Server Libraries you have downloaded
Search BIM Components Portal: This option searches on BIM Components, a searchable and interactive depository of objects contributed by ARCHICAD users or uploaded by GRAPHISOFT.
ARCHICAD users with an active ARCHICAD Software Service Agreement (SSA) can access additional surfaces, available as one-click downloads to the current project. This premium surface catalog is available to SSA users directly from the Add New Surface dialog box: click on the Additional Surface Catalog for SSA Users command from the pop-up button at the bottom of the dialog box. This command will check your license eligibility, then redirect you to the expanded surface catalog (if you are eligible) or to more information on the required license (if you are not).
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