Special Settings for Image Textures (CineRender Surfaces)

Use Sampling to control how the texture’s pixels are interpolated.
MIP: Default Sampling Method: MIP stands for multum in parvo, which is Latin for many things in a small place. MIP is the default sampling type, and generally results in very smooth blending.
SAT: Highest Quality Sampling Method: The SAT option is similar to the MIP option, but more exact. However, the SAT mapping method also requires about twelve times more memory and more time for its calculations. Furthermore, this method can only be applied to textures with a maximum size of 4000 x 4000 pixels. Therefore, MIP mapping should be used as the default mapping method and SAT mapping should only be used in instances where higher quality renderings are needed.
None: When Sampling is set to None, the original texture values are used without interpolation. This method is fast, but often produces poor results and in general is best avoided. Textures tend to look jagged with None interpolation. You can try to reduce the jaggies by using a high antialiasing setting.
Circle sampling uses a circle of texture pixels (the ones surrounding the intermediate value). Textures that are enlarged at render time tend to look more natural with this type than with the None type. However, straight lines are problematic and tend to look frayed. In addition, the texture is very jagged near the horizon. Circle sampling is, however, a good choice for very small textures (e.g. 3 x 3 pixels), because it helps the pixels to blend softly.
Square uses a square of texture pixels (the ones surrounding the intermediate value). This leads to a softer transition between texture pixels than with None. The picture quality is good.
Alias 1, Alias 2 and Alias 3 blend the texture more strongly than Circle and Square. Alias 3 blends the most, Alias 1 the least. Alias3 can give smoother results than Alias 1, but it also takes longer to calculate. However, even Alias 3 cannot prevent jaggies near the horizon.
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