Mix Mode and Mix Strength (CineRender Surfaces)

Use these parameters to mix the color and textures using one of four modes.
Normal: In normal mode, the Mix Strength sets the opacity of the texture.
Add: In this mode, the texture’s RGB value is added to the color’s RGB value. Color channel values cannot exceed the maximum of RGB 255. So if a texture pixel of RGB 0/255/255 (cyan) is added to a color value of 255/255/0 (yellow), the result is 255/255/255 (white).
Subtract: The color’s RGB value is subtracted from the texture’s RGB value. Thus if a texture pixel is RGB 255/255/255 (white) and the color value is 255/0/0 (red), subtracting with Mix Strength set to 100% gives the result 0/255/255 (cyan).
Multiply: The RGB value of the texture is multiplied by the RGB value of the color. For example RGB 255/128/0 (orange) multiplied by RGB 0/255/0 (green) results in RGB 0/128/0 (dark green).
The Blur Offset and Blur Scale options enable you to blur or sharpen the texture.
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