Textures (CineRender Surfaces)

Note: You can also choose Layer as a way to combine multiple shaders/images in the same channel. (See Using Layers to Combine Shaders (CineRender Surfaces).)
An image file can be manually created or a photograph (e.g. of real dirt, grime or structured surfaces such as walls or floors). Numerous companies have specialized in creating just such textures for use in 3D. In many cases you can also use your own digital camera to create such images. The image below shows the difference between a surface with only a simple color and one with a bitmap graphic added.
Alternatively, shaders are tiny routines that mathematically calculate a pattern or a certain effect such as light entering and diffusing within an object. Shaders can also be used for the creation of a color gradient or to color correct a loaded image. Shaders can be used in many different ways and are used in some capacity in almost every surface.
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