Displacement (CineRender Surface Channel)

Intensity: The displacement takes place in the positive direction. Black parts in the displacement map produce no displacement, white parts produce maximum displacement.
Intensity (Centered): The displacement can take place in both positive and negative directions. A gray value of 50% results in no displacement. White produces maximum positive displacement, while black produces maximum negative displacement.
Red / Green: The displacement can take place in the negative or positive direction according to the red and green values in the texture. Green values raise the displacement, red values lower the displacement. A black color results in no displacement, it is purely the red and green components that control the displacement. A pure green (RGB: 0,255,0) and a pure red (RGB 255,0,0) lead to maximum displacement in the positive and negative directions respectively.
Setting is active: Texture is projected before applying the Sub-Polygon Displacement.
Setting is inactive: Texture is projected after applying the Sub-Polygon Displacement.
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