Dimensions Preferences

Dimensions preferences affect the dimension units as they are displayed in the project: in Dimensions, as well as Zone Stamps, Fill text, Marker texts.
Dimensions preferences do not affect calculations (in Interactive Schedule, Listing, or the List Areas add-on.) Those calculations are affected by the Calculation Units and Rules page of Project Preferences. (See Calculation Units and Rules Preferences.)
Go to Options > Project Preferences > Dimensions
Store As: If you have customized a dimension setting in this dialog box, the Standard name changes to “Custom.” Click “Store as” to name this customized Standard and make it available to your project as a named Standard.
As you set each control, consult the Sample field for a preview of how that Dimension Type will be displayed in the project.
Unit: Define the Unit for each of the Dimension types.
Decimals: Define the number of Decimals you want to display in each dimension value.
Extra Accuracy: Choose this if you want to display additional decimal values as a superscript.
Rounding to: Available for Area-type dimension. Choose a rounding option from the pop-up field.
Nearest: Value is rounded to the number of decimals you set.
Other: Value is rounded to the number of decimals you set, but the final digit(s) are an increment of 5 or 25.
Hide Zero Wholes: Check this box to suppress whole zero values.
Hide Zero Decimals: Check this box to hide any zeros at the end of the decimal dimension, regardless of the number of decimal places you set in the Decimals popup above.
Accuracy: Available for an Angular Dimension Unit of degrees/minutes/seconds or surveyor’s unit. Click this pop-up field to select accuracy level.
Witness Line Scalability: Choose either fixed or scaled to make your witness lines keep a fixed scale, or else vary them depending on window scale. (Witness lines are the perpendicular lines between a dimension and the dimensioned element.)
Note: You cannot mix units for the same dimension type in a Project. However, you can display two types with the Secondary Dimensions command.
Fractions: Click this pop-up field to define the fractions displayed for the selected Measurement Unit, if you are using a unit that includes fractional inches.
Fractions in Small Type: Toggles printing of fractional inches and feet in small characters on and off in length dimensioning.
Display of Zero Feet & Inches: If using Feet & fractional inches, this section has three pairs of radio buttons; if using fractional inches, there is one pair of radio buttons. For each pair, choose the option you prefer for displaying dimensions that measure either zero feet or zero inches.
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