Calculation Units and Rules Preferences

To access this screen, go to Options > Project Preferences > Calculation Units and Rules.
This screen allows you to set the units to be displayed
Note: If you are using the Calculation function, these settings will affect Text format lists only (not those based on a Graphic Template, which sets its own number format).
Unit: Click this pop-up field to select from various standard Measurement Units.
Decimals: Click the pop-up field to select the number of decimals for the chosen Unit.
Extra Accuracy: Choose this if you want to display additional decimal values as a superscript. The superscript value will be rounded off to increments of the number you select (e.g. 25).
Note: Extra Accuracy values will be displayed as superscripts only in Interactive Schedules. In Calculation lists and some add-ons, these extra values will be shown as extra decimals (rather than superscripts).
Your choice of metric vs. imperial unit for measuring volume will affect the units used by the Density value and for the Embodied Carbon property of the project’s Building Materials.
If your chosen Angle Unit is degrees/minutes/seconds, click the Accuracy pop-up field to the right to select the precision.
Click the Setup Rules button (in Options > Project Preferences > Calculation Units and Rules) to open this dialog box.
Displayed values (default): Each value (as displayed on the interface) is rounded off according to your Rounding/Extra Accuracy settings. The sum of these rounded values produces the grand total.
Exact values: Choose this for a more accurate value: the program adds up the exact values (not displayed on the interface) before it rounds them off according to your Rounding/Extra Accuracy settings to produce the grand total.
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