Print Picture

This dialog box appears if you issue the Print command while the 3D Window is active, using the OpenGL Engine.
Printer: This field displays the printer driver currently set up for your machine. To change the assigned printer, choose the Page Setup button at right.
Page Setup: Click this button to open the Page Setup dialog box, where you can choose a printer and set paper size and orientation.
Print Range: Choose either All to print all pages, or choose a page range for multi-page output.
Print to File: Check this box to save the output as a print file on your computer.
Collate Copies: Check this box if you are printing multiple copies, and would like each copy to be output in sequential order.
Dithering: Check this box to reduce the total number of colors present in the output while retaining visual fidelity. Dithering may be necessary due to a limited number of colors available on the display device. For example, if your fills turn out solid black, the Dithering effect may help.
Use Printer Resolution: Check this box to use the print resolution set up in the printer device.
Print Quality: Enter a dpi (dots per square inch) setting to define print quality.
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