Plot Setup

Note: The following descriptions are based on the Windows interface.
Paper: Use these controls to choose a paper size for your plotter. Invalid paper sizes are grayed in the menu and are not selectable.
If you choose Custom in the Paper area, the second pop-up list contains by default two items: Current paper and Modify list.
Choosing Modify List opens a dialog box in which you can define your own custom paper sizes.
Click OK when you have finished defining sizes manually. The new custom sizes will appear in the custom size pop-up. Custom paper sizes are saved with plotter settings.
Margins: Choose either “Normal” or “Extended” for the paper margins. The values in the X and Y fields below give you feedback on the result.
X/Y: These fields display the horizontal and vertical paper size. If you are using a “Custom” paper size, enter the desired paper size here.
Available Drawing Area: The X and Y values shown here indicate the size of the usable drawing area of the chosen paper.
Orientation: Use these controls to determine the location/direction of the output on the paper.
In the Connection area, specify the connection type you intend to use with your plotter.
When first using a plotter with ARCHICAD, you need to connect to it by clicking the Setup button in the Connection area. The Select Plotter dialog box appears.
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