Plot Layout

This dialog box is opened with the File > Plot command if Layout is active.
Plotter: The name of the active plotter (chosen in Plot Setup) is shown at the top of the dialog box.
Plot Setup: Click this button to access the Plot Setup dialog box.
Destination: Choose a destination for the plotted output:
Plotter: send the output to the designated plotter
File: send the output to a plot (data) file
Spool Folder: send the output into the spool folder specified in Plot Setup.
Selected Layouts in Navigator: Click this button to plot only those layouts which are selected in the Navigator palette.
Note: This option is inactive if nothing is selected in the Navigator, or if several Layout Books (in the Navigator and Organizer) are open on screen, with several sets of selected Layouts.
Active Layout: Plot the currently active layout.
Fit to Page: Click this button to make the output fit the page. The size (in percentage) will be adjusted accordingly.
Custom: Click this button to enter a size for the plotted output, as a percentage of the drawing’s original size.
Margin Options: Use these controls to assign a margin to the plotted output: either the plotter margin or the layout margin.
Hairline: Check this box if you want to plot all lines of the document using the thinnest line available on the plotting device.
Plot with: Choose a color scheme for the plotted output (options may vary depending on the type of plotter used):
Copies: Enter the number of copies to plot.
Arrangement: Use the preview window to view the arrangement of output on the plotted page.
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