Plot 2D Document

Plotter: The name of the active plotter (chosen in Plot Setup) is shown at the top of the dialog box.
Plot Setup: Click this button to access the Plot Setup dialog box.
Destination: Choose a destination for the plotted output:
Plotter: send the output to the designated plotter
File: send the output to a plot (data) file
Spool Folder: send the output into the spool folder specified in Plot Setup.
Scale: Choose a plot scale for the output of the active window.
Original: Choose this button to plot at the original scale.
Fit to Page: Choose this button to make the output fit the page. The scale will be adjusted accordingly.
Custom: Choose this button to enter any other scale for the output. Either type in a custom scale, or choose a scale from the pop-up below.
Note: You cannot enter a custom value that will make the plotted image larger than the usable page size.
Text & Markers: Available only if you have chosen either Fit to Page or Custom as the Scale. Use this pop-up to define the scale of text and markers in the output. These options also affect the output characteristics of other elements such as arrowheads, scale-independent dashed line types and fill patterns.
Resize to Plotting Scale: Outputs text in proportion to the size of other elements. This method is good for enlargement of a Project for a presentation to be seen from a distance.
Fix Size: Outputs text at its exact size in the current paper units (inches or millimeters). To keep text at exactly the same size even when the printed size of the project changes, choose this option. This is acceptable for enlargements but can produce unwanted effects with reductions. Text may overprint other elements as they shrink.
Plot Grid: Check this box if you wish the output pages to display the ARCHICAD grid.
Hairline: Check this box if you want to plot all lines of the document using the thinnest line available on the plotting device.
Plot with: Choose a color scheme for the plotted output (options may vary depending on the type of plotter used):
Copies: Enter the number of copies to plot.
Arrangement: Use the preview window to view the arrangement of output on the plotted page.
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