Open GL Options

This dialog box is available by clicking the Advanced Options button in 3D Window Settings (View > 3D View Options > 3D Window Settings) if you have chosen Open GL as your 3D engine.
Highlights: Check this box to display specular reflections as highlights.
Emission: Check this option if you have chosen, or created, light emitting Surfaces and want this quality to be displayed.
Smooth Surfaces: Check this box to control degree of smoothing. Curved surfaces, which are normally approximated by flat planes, are represented by more lifelike surfaces when this option is on.
Textures: Check this box to display bitmapped pictures (referred to in the GDL script of some library parts) on the corresponding surfaces.
Ignore hardware acceleration in 3D: ARCHICAD will bypass the display card’s OpenGL support and use the system-level software emulation of OpenGL, available both on Windows and Mac.
Note: Software emulation is a slower method. Use it if you are experiencing difficulties with OpenGL display.
Customize feedback speed in Frames per Second: If you check this box, the slider below is activated. Use the slider to set feedback speed in frames per second.
Note: In case of a high Frames per Second value, some elements may not be displayed during navigation.
Always display all elements within the following radius: This slider fine-tunes your feedback speed preference: regardless of the effect of the Frames per Second set above (which may result in some elements not being shown during navigation), you can set a minimum radius here, within which all elements will be shown during navigation. (Set the radius either numerically or by using the slider.)
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