Layout Settings

To access this dialog box, select a Layout – either by opening it in the Layout window, or by selecting it from the Navigator/Organizer. Then do one of the following:
Choose Document > Layout Book > Layout Settings
Do not include this Layout in ID sequence: Check to exclude the current layout from the automated layout ID assignment.
Use Automatic Book and Subset ID assignment: Check to apply the automated layout book and subset ID assignment to the current Layout, as defined in Book Settings.
Custom ID: Check to apply a unique ID to the current layout.
Layout Name: Enter a Name for the Layout.
Master Layout: Select a Master Layout from the pop-up menu.
Size: This field provides information on the horizontal and vertical size of the current layout (as defined in its Master Layout).
Continue Drawing ID sequence from previous Layout: Check this box to assign an ID by continuing the ID sequence from the previous layout. (This control is grayed if the selected Layout is the first one in the Layout Book.)
Drawing ID Prefix: Enter item prefix characters for the drawing ID.
Drawing ID Style: Choose any of the listed ID styles from this pop-up field.
Start at: Enter either a number or a letter (depending on the selected ID style) with which to begin the ID sequence.
Preview: This area shows a preview of the ID style you have selected.
Click Add Change to add an existing Change to this Layout.
Click New Change to create a new Change in the project and add it to this Layout’s current Revision.
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