Layer Settings Dialog Box

Click the relevant button of the Arrange Elements toolbar:
The left panel lists existing Layer Combinations. The right side lists all the layers defined in the project. Use the splitter bar that separates the two sides to display as much text as you need.
Note: The first item on the list, the ARCHICAD Layer, cannot be deleted, hidden or locked. This layer collects all those elements that may have lost their layer definitions.
The open or closed lock icons indicate whether a Layer has been locked to prevent its contents from accidental modification. If a Layer is locked, the elements on it cannot be edited or deleted and no new elements can be placed on it.
Note: To show all Layers while working in your project, use the Document > Layers > Show All Layers command or the relevant button of the Arrange Elements toolbar.
The solid model or wireframe icons indicate that the elements placed on that layer are fully visible in 3D views or with their contours only, independently of the current 3D mode set in the Image menu. This can be useful, for example, for storing the operator elements of Solid Operations on wireframe layers and target elements on solid layers.
Set an intersection group number in the first edit box.
Note: Layer Intersection numbers have nothing to do with element priorities; they serve merely as tags or labels (e.g. 0 or 1) for grouping elements.
Note: Two elements that are both set to intersection group 0 will NOT intersect.
Add an extension to the layer’s name. This can act as an additional sorting control if you have many layers.
Tip: Layer extensions can be used effectively for project phasing and option management as well.
Show all layers: All layers in the project are shown. Layers of XREF items are listed separately at the bottom of the list.
Hide XREF layers: If you have XREFs in your project, and if you choose this option, then the XREF layers will not appear in Layer Settings.
Filter by extension: This option is available if the selected layer has an extension. Only layers having this extension will appear in Layer Settings.
Select All/Deselect All: Use these buttons to select and deselect all layers, respectively.
Delete: Click to remove the selected layer. This is not undoable. If you proceed with deleting the layer, all the elements on it will be cleared. In addition, the deleted layer attribute will be missing from your project. ARCHICAD displays a warning and details on the missing elements/attributes prior to actually deleting the layers.
Note: In Teamwork, only elements reserved by you will be placed on the replacement layer. All other elements from the deleted layer will have a “Missing” layer.
New: Click this button to create a new layer and give it a unique name.
The Print… button at the bottom right of the Layer Settings Dialog Box creates a text-format list, in a PDF file, of the layers in your project.
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