Subtype Hierarchy Dialog Box (GDL Master Window)

This dialog box is accessible using the Select Subtype button in the GDL Master window (File > Libraries and Objects > New Object)
or is available on the Edit GDL Library Parts toolbar (Window > Toolbars > Edit GDL Library Parts). You can add it to your ARCHICAD menu structure using the Work Environment dialog box.
Green indicates that the item is placeable.
Black indicates that the item cannot be placed on its own and can be only used as a macro reference.
Bold type indicates that the item is a subtype template and is placeable.
Below the Name field, the GUID refers to the highlighted Subtype’s Global Unique Identification code.
Select: Click this button to directly open that item’s Master Window.
Create Clone: Click this button to create a copy of the highlighted Subtype with the same properties.
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