Fill Texture Panel

This panel appears in the Fill Types Dialog Box (Options > Element Attributes > Fill Types) if you are creating or editing an Image Fill.
Load Image: Click this button to bring up a directory dialog box enabling you to choose and load any image file. Choose an image file from the library, or click Load Other Picture to navigate to other locations.
Image Name: Displays the name of the image you have loaded.
Image Size: Displays the size of the image you have loaded in pixels.
Horizontal and Vertical Size: Enter values for the horizontal and vertical size of the image.
Keep Original Proportion: Check this box if you want to link the Horizontal and Vertical Size values so that the image is not distorted when editing its size.
Angle: Enter an angle if you want to rotate the image pattern from the horizontal.
Mirroring Method: Click one of these four radio buttons to control the positioning of the image units with respect to each other within the image pattern.
Scale with plan (Model size): Use this option to ensure that the current Fill type will be displayed at the same scale as the model on every output.
Note: Avoid editing a scaled fill type if the project scale is different than that of the fill type, as it will be distorted.
Scale-independent (Paper size): Use this option to display, plot and print the current fill type definition at a fixed size, regardless of output scale.
Sample: Number of texture units displayed in Preview box.
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