Depth of Field (CineRender Effect)

This effect is available in the Detailed view of PhotoRendering Settings for the CineRender engine.
Note: This Depth of Field parameter applies for the Standard Renderer only, and is considered a post effect. If you are using the Physical Renderer, its own Depth of Field settings will apply: see Depth Of Field.
Blur Strength: This parameter defines the general strength of blurring. Other parameters modify this strength such as Distance Blur and Radial Blur. Note that if you set Blur Strength to 0% there will be no blurring at all, even when the other blur parameters are set to high values.
Use Distance Blur: The Distance Blur value refines the strength of blurring. For example, if you set Blur Strength to 80% and Distance Blur to 50%, the strength of full blurring will be 40% (50% of 80%).
Use Radial Blur: Radial blur gets stronger from the picture’s center outwards.
Use Autofocus: This option can be enabled to simulate the Autofocus feature of a real camera. The object in the center of the view will become the focal point, i.e. the object in the center will be perfectly sharp.
Autofocus: So that the object does not have to be exactly in the center, you can enter an Autofocus tolerance value. The maximum value of 100% allows the object to be anywhere in the view. With lower values, the object must be closer to the view’s center to trigger the autofocus.
Front Blur/Rear Blur: In the gradients, black represents full sharpness, white represents full blur (i.e. the Distance Blur value) and gray is for intermediate blur strength (the brighter the gray, the stronger the blur).
Lens Sharpness: The sharpness of the lens artifacts.
Lens Intensity: The brightness of the lens artifacts.
Lens Shape: Choose the shape of the lens: Circle, triangle, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon or nonagon.
Lens Rotate: Controls the orientation of the lens artifacts.
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