Import Options for Elements on Paper Space

To access this dialog box, first use File > Interoperability > Merge, then enter the name of the DXF or DWG file to merge. In the appearing Merge DXF-DWG dialog box, choose the second option (Append Paper Spaces to Layout Book), then click the Append Options button.
Translate AutoCAD Blocks as: Just as in the Open Options portion of the Translation Setup Dialog, you have three choices:
Convert AutoCAD Leaders to Labels: Check this box if you wish this conversion performed during the Merge process.
Click the OK button to accept the settings changes you made in this Dialog or click Cancel to leave the settings as they were before.
If Paper Space is merged, Paper Space definitions will be converted to Layouts in the Layout Book of ARCHICAD. A new Master Layout will also be created in case the DXF-DWG drawing contains Paper Space size definitions not already available in the Project file.
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