Line Types (DXF/DWG Translation Setup)

Note that symbol line types are stored differently in ARCHICAD and in AutoCAD. Due to these differences, some of ARCHICAD’s symbol line types will not look the same in AutoCAD.
Set All Elements’ Line Types to BYLAYER: This checkbox is available only during Save. It overrides the effect of the Linetype-linetype conversion dictionary.
Keep Existing Line Types on Open: If you check this checkbox, ARCHICAD will keep line types currently defined and also import line types defined in the imported DXF/DWF file. In this case, if the DXF/DWG file contains line types with the same name as line types existing in the currently open ARCHICAD Project, the line types of the DXF/DWF file will not be imported.
LTScale value in output field: Set the LTScale to the desired value.
You can pick the requested line type name from the pop-up list. Its name will appear in the ARCHICAD line type field. In the AutoCAD line type field, type the name of the line type you would like this ARCHICAD line type to be converted to in the resulting DXF/DWG drawing. Or vice-versa: from this line type, ARCHICAD will create a line type specified in the ARCHICAD line type field when opening DXF/DWG files.
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