Pens & Colors (DXF/DWG Translation Setup)

Note: If you are using an AutoCAD version preceding AutoCAD 2004, Wipeout is available as part of “Express Tools.” Wipeout is integrated into AutoCAD 2004.
Note: A round-trip will not necessarily result in the same colors as the original. For example, if ARCHICAD pen 25 finds AutoCAD color 236 the closest match, it is possible that AutoCAD color 236 will find ARCHICAD pen 32 the closest match instead of 25. Grayish pastel zone-fill colors always end up a pure light-gray.
When the ARCHICAD Plan is set to be saved in AutoCAD 2004 or later format, there are two choices for matching ARCHICAD and AutoCAD pens. The first one is ‘the best matching Standard AutoCAD color’. If this radio button is selected, the program searches through the AutoCAD color table to find which AutoCAD color matches the ARCHICAD pen color best and assign it accordingly. The second one is ‘RGB color if no exactly matching Standard AutoCAD color exists’. If this radio button is checked, the program searches through the AutoCAD color table to find an exact match for the pen color just as with the other radio button. But in case it does not find one, it will save the RGB value of the ARCHICAD Pen and assigns to it a pen index number of 256 or higher in the AutoCAD drawing.
This option is used when performing Save. It overrides the Convert ARCHICAD Pens to AutoCAD Colors by setting during Save, but not during Open.
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