Open Options (DXF/DWG Translation Setup)

Translate AutoCAD Blocks as: Choose one of the following options:
When you choose 2D Elements or Grouped 2D Elements, all the references of all the blocks get decomposed into simple floor plan elements.
Lines and Text: you don‘t create a dimension out of the dimension entity; rather you use the drawing details stored in the file to get the same look (arrowheads, colors, text positions) as in AutoCAD.
Single Dimension Units: every dimension unit in the AutoCAD file gets converted into an ARCHICAD dimension unit.
Note: dimensions may have different visual features in ARCHICAD and AutoCAD. Not all of these visual features can be reproduced during conversion. The most significant difference is with arrowheads: ARCHICAD has a fixed set of them, whereas in AutoCAD you can design your own set.
Dimension Chains: In AutoCAD only separate 2-point dimensions are available (even though there is a method of creating sets of dimensions that look like dimension chains.)
Associative Dimensions where applicable: In former versions of AutoCAD, dimensions were not associative the way we mean it in ARCHICAD: that is, glued to hotspots of other elements. If you check this option the add-on will look for already imported elements to which to associate the processed dimension. It may be time-consuming, therefore the default behavior is to create hotspots on the element and associate the linear dimension to the hotspots.
Note 1: When radial dimensions are concerned, they always need something circular to be associated to.
Note 2: The most recent version of AutoCAD contains associative dimensions for certain elements, which cannot be converted.
Note 3: ADT has also introduced a kind of associative dimension, but it can be associated only to ADT objects.
Import AutoCAD Hatch Blocks: Check this box if you want AutoCAD fills transformed into unnamed groups of individual lines (hatch blocks). These will not be recognized as fill types in ARCHICAD.
Import Viewports as Embedded Drawings: Check this box to ensure that AutoCAD Viewpoints are imported as embedded Drawings after opening a DXF/DWG file in ARCHICAD. If you uncheck the box, Viewports will be converted to ARCHICAD views instead.
3D Data in created Library Parts: Choose one of the following options:
Note: The Open Object command is the only way to get all the 3D data stored in a DXF/DWG file!
In this case, when you use File > Open or Merge on a DWG/DXF file, or when you Attach an XREF file, the DWG/DXF Partial Open dialog box appears, listing the source file’s layer set and the layers’ status.
Uncheck the layers which you do not wish to include in the ARCHICAD project.
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