DXF/DWG Translation Setup

Use the File > Interoperability > DXF-DWG > DXF-DWG Translation Setup command to open this dialog box.
Name: The length of Name can be anything within the limits enforced by the file system of your machine.
Project and Partner: You may store up to 255 characters in these fields (127 in Japan, China or Korea).
Create New: Click this button to create a new Translator:
Duplicate: Click this button to duplicate a Translator:
Rename: Click this button to rename and edit information about a Translator:
Delete (available if the translator is not locked): Click this button to remove unneeded translators. An info dialog then appears: if you continue with the delete action, you will delete the translator’s XML file, and you will lose all those translator settings permanently. However, the same dialog box also gives you the option of just removing the translator from the list in the dialog box, rather then deleting the file entirely.
Remove (available if the translator is locked): This action will remove the translator from the list in the dialog box, but will not delete the translator XML file from your system. If, at a later time, you need the removed translator after all, you can reintroduce it into your list.
Browse: Click this button to access an existing Translator file. A file dialog appears where you have to find and select one or more relevant Translator files.
If you make a mistake while editing settings and fields in the Translation Setup dialog box, click on the Revert Changes button at the bottom left corner of the dialog. This command will restore the status quo that existed when you launched the dialog. If you created new files before clicking the Revert Changes button, you will have to create them again, because these files are not saved to disk until you finish the operation with OK/Open/Save commands.
Location: This field displays the path of the selected translator file and cannot be edited.
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