Parallel Projection Settings

Use the View > 3D View Options > 3D Projection Settings command or the 3D Visualization toolbar’s button to open this dialog box.
Projection Preview: This preview window shows the position of the coordinate axes for the current projection type, with any additional settings you may have made. Click or drag to reposition the axes, or enter values for the angles and ratios of the three coordinate axes.
This dial shows Camera and Sun Azimuth with respect to the target. Simply click the Sun or Camera icon and drag it to the desired location. The effect of your changes is shown by the rotation of the house in the preview area and by the values in the edit boxes to the right of the control.
The Azimuth of the camera and the Sun Azimuth can be set either graphically or numerically, but the sun Altitude angle can only be set numerically:
Azimuth: Enter a value here to specify Camera Azimuth to Target.
Sun Azimuth: Enter a value here to specify Sun Azimuth used in shaded or rendered images.
Sun Altitude: Enter a value here to specify Sun Altitude used in shaded or rendered images.
Hint: Unless you are an experienced ARCHICAD user, it is generally best to begin with a predefined projection from the palette, then rotate the view with the camera angle control, and finally make minor adjustments with the rescaling features.
Pre-Sets: Button: Opens a dialog where you can specify options for and insert frames in Fly-Through Paths.
More Sun Button: Opens a dialog to specify Sun settings.
Perspective Settings: Click here to open Perspective Projection Settings, where you can define perspective views.
The Add Current Projection button places the current view on the list. The views on the list will be keyframes in the Fly-Through. You can also name each keyframe in the dialog box that appears after pushing this button.
If no projection is selected, New will be added to the bottom of the list. If a projection is selected, the new projection will be inserted before the selected one.
The Set to Current Projection button changes the highlighted keyframe in the list to the one you set prior to opening the Pre-Sets dialog box.
The Delete button clears a keyframe from the list.
Under Options for Fly-Through in the right section of the dialog box you can also set the number of in-between frames that ARCHICAD will create by interpolating between every parameter (e.g., axis scaling ratio, camera angle, etc.) of consecutive keyframes.
The Open and Closed radio buttons control whether the animation will loop continuously from the last defined keyframe back to the first keyframe during the Fly-Through.
Wait frames: This number refers to the number of still frames (time units) during which the fly-through motion will remain frozen at the given camera before moving on to the next one.
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