The 3D Navigator Preview Palette Controls

Choosing Show from Top from the pop-up at the lower right corner of the palette allows you to manipulate a perspective camera directly: move it around, fix the target point or the viewpoints.
Choosing Show from Side at the pop-up at the lower right corner displays only the perspective camera and story elevation marks. Click on the camera and hold the mouse button on the up or down arrow to adjust the camera’s vertical position. (The story signs will start to move in the opposite direction, simulating the effect of camera motion on the model.) A caret will appear in the upper or lower right corner of the preview field to indicate when the camera position has reached the top or bottom of the model.
For axonometric views, only the small house representing the model is displayed when showing the Top view. The controls resemble those of the Parallel Projection Settings dialog box.
Choosing Show Actual Preview displays the current content of the 3D Window. In this case, all zooming controls are disabled. To refresh the preview of the current 3D view, double-click it or choose Redraw Preview. Redraw all previews will redraw the 3D Navigator Preview picture of each 3D view.
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