Teamwork Palette

If there is a problem with the server connection, click Network Diagnostic to open a dialog box with details and help in solving the problem.
To work offline, click “Work Offline” from the pop-up.
Send & Receive: Click this button to both Send and Receive project changes to/from the BIM Server.
Click the pop-up to access separate Send and Receive commands.
Send means that all modifications that you have made since your last send/receive are merged with the project data on the BIM Server.
Receive means that all modifications in the server’s project data that have occurred since your last “Receive” are merged with your local copy.
Note: No conflicts can arise between edits in your local copy and edits to the server’s project data, because you must reserve elements/data in order to modify them, and you cannot reserve elements/data until they are first synchronized with the server’s project data.
Send Changes & Comment: This option lets you add a comment to the Activities Panel of BIM Server Manager, in addition to Sending in your changes.
Reserve: This button takes several forms depending on whether you have selected an element, and its reservation status.
If nothing is selected: The button says “Reserve…” and will take you to the Reserve Elements dialog box.
If you have selected elements that are, at least in part, free for reservation: The button says Reserve. After you issue this command, the available selected elements will be reserved for you. If any selected element could not be reserved, you are informed of the results.
If you have selected elements which are all unavailable, the command changes to Request. Clicking this starts the Ownership Request process.
Release/Release All: If you have selected items reserved by you, the Release button will release them. Release All is available when nothing is selected; this command will release all of your reservations.
Release (All or Selected Elements) and Comment: This option lets you add a comment to the Activities Panel of BIM Server Manager, in addition to Releasing your reservations.
Release All Unmodified Elements: This will release those of your reserved items that you have not modified.
Colored Workspaces: Use this drop-down to choose a method for distinguishing project elements by color depending on who owns them.
My Workspace: Click this button for an overview of all project items (both elements and non-elements) reserved by you.
Select any item in the list and click Show (to zoom to elements) or Open (to open the relevant dialog box).
Click Release to release the selected item.
The To Do list shows you items which await action from you.
The Pending Requests list stores request messages sent by you, which are still pending.
The Completed list is a repository of messaging actions that are no longer pending and no longer require action by you.
Send New Message: Click to create a new message.
Reply Message: Click to send a reply to the selected message.
Move to Completed: Click to move this message into the Completed list.
Delete Message (available only on the Completed list): Click to delete message.
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