Classic 3D Navigation Toolbar

If you prefer to use the 3D navigation controls of ARCHICAD 9 and earlier, activate the Window > Toolbars > Classic 3D Navigation command. The commands specific to this toolbar are:
3D Edit icon: represented by an Arrow-Wall-Slab combination; with this mode on, 3D construction Tools can be used and the elements edited.
Walk: Walk tool with Camera mode. Move back and forth and turn around.
Lateral Move: Lateral Move tool with Camera mode. Move up and down and laterally to the left or right, but keep looking in the same direction.
Turn: Turn tool with Camera mode. Stand still and look around in all directions.
Look To: Interactively set the target point for the perspective.
Lock Target Point: In the middle of the image, a rectangle will appear. This is the “neutral area”. If you click anywhere between the rectangle and the window border, you will begin moving. Click at the top or bottom for one kind of movement, to the left or right for another, and in the corner areas for a combination of the two.
Look to Perpendicular of Clicked Surface: Switch to a view perpendicular to a given point.
Reset Roll Angle: Reset the roll angle to zero to rapidly return from a bizarre view obtained during navigation.
Horizontal View: Return with a single command to a horizontal view of the model.
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