Other Local Library Enhancements


New developments in selected local libraries only, as indicated.
New Opening Type for Special Windows (GER/AUT/CHE only)
New opening types were added to the following windows, providing a complete selection of openings for all sashes.
F Dreieck-Abschluss 1-Fl, F Korbbogen 1-Fl, F Segment-Abschluss 1-Fl, F Dreieck-Abschluss 1-Fl, Sprossenfenster 1-Fl, Fenster Oktogonal, Fenster Raute, Rundfenster
Fixed Glass
Fixed Sash
Fenster Halbkreis Fest – renamed to Fenster Halbkreis Horizontal
Fixed Glass
Bottom Hung
Fenster Halbkreis – renamed to Fenster Halbkreis Vertikal
Fixed Glass
Side Hung
New option for Detail Level of Door Symbols in MVO: simple opening line in closed leaf position per leaves (NLD only)
Swedish renovation symbol added to all doors and windows (SWE only): the symbols for demolished and new doors and windows that were available in Basdörr and Basfönster are now available for all doors and windows too
Floor plan display of Tilt-Turn, Tilt-Turn Mirrored, Bottom Hung, Top Hung
and Reversible Horizontal Windows (NLD only)
New Height Symbols for Zone Stamp (GER/AUT only)
Height values have new optional symbols: Halftone Triangle, Circle, Halftone Circle
New Label: Wall Type Indicator NCS (USA only)
Displays the wall type ID of a wall structure. To use the label, users should add the wall type ID to the name of the composite, separated by a special character.
New Title Block (FIN only)
New title block object used for Master layouts.
Labels (AUS only)
Height x Width display.
Upgraded Wohnungsstempel and TOP Stempel (GER/AUT only)
The Wohnungsstempel and TOP Stempel functionality was improved for a more polished workflow and enhanced stamp objects.
Improvements for both stamps:
Apartment identification based on zone stamp parameters instead of zone ID or zone number
Improved Refresh functionality with or without selection
Simplified workflow and interface based on object settings dialog
Improvements for Wohnungsstempel:
Separate column width settings
Data to be displayed can be selected in a flexible way
More zone data to be displayed
Gemessene Fläche
Gemessene Nettofläche
Reduzierte Fläche
Abzug nach WohnFIVO
Berechnete Fläche (NGF)
Improvements for TOP Stempel:
Multiple TOP stamps of different types can be placed for the same apartment
Option to summarize zone areas based on stories, WBF or Zone Categories
Option to summarize apartment areas before and after renovation based on the ARCHICAD Renovation functionality
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