Door and Window Enhancements: INT-Based Libraries


New casing types were added
Uniform Casing Width and Casing below Sill options available for all casing types
New interface for casing settings
Door Leaf and Sidelight/Transom Sash
New door leaf types
New handle type for sliding doors
Kick board/foot protection for hinged doors, sliding doors, garage doors and storefronts
French panel available in all sidelight and transom sashes
Sashes of a sidelight of a door may have different surfaces
Improved Pocket Doors
Additional Leaf sizes
New Option: Centered in Wall
Connection between Pocket frame Width and Egress Dimension
Window Improvements
Ledge option added for window sashes
New Rhombus and Skewed windows
Arch Top Window: segment top may be selected
Sliding Windows
Handle selection now available for all sliding windows
New opening types for multi-sash sliding windows: Flexible options for fixed and sliding sashes
Misc. Door/Window Developments
Consistent sill types in doors and windows: all sill types that available for windows are now available for doors too
Double doors – handle settings available for each panel
Panic Bar for General Doors too
Overall height resize changes the height of transom and not the height of door panel
Wrapped plaster skin has optional hotspots to be dimensioned
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