Upgraded User Interface for Objects


The tab page selector introduced in v18 for lamps and in v19 for doors and windows is now implemented for many other objects. Duplicate settings, in parameter list and graphical interface, have been eliminated: the user can access either the parameter list or the graphical interface, but not both at the same time. Similar interface tab pages (like 2D Representation, Minimal Space, 3D Representation and Surfaces) were unified for all library parts.
These interface improvements can be found in all library parts of the following folders:
Building Structures
RoofMaker Library
and in selected elements in the Building Structures, Special Constructions and Mechanical folders.
Parking Place Improvement
Number of parking places can be listed
Possibility to add empty place (with no numbering)
Optional Disabled and Family parking places with special width and sign settings
WC Disabled Improvements
Graphical interface
Updated for US standards
New grab bar types
Other Improved Library Parts
Coordinate Dimension: new types for the 2D symbol: Empty Triangle, Full Triangle
Ramp Objects: stair-like 2D symbol options
New object: Parasol
WC Disabled: graphical interface and adjusted US standard
Zone Stamp 2: with pointer
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