Migrate Projects Containing Hotlinks

Note: This process is applicable when migrating older-version projects (11 or earlier) to ARCHICAD 20.
Go to Hotlink Manager (File > External Content > Hotlink Manager).
The Hotlinked Modules list (in the top half of the dialog box) displays the hierarchy of modules hotlinked into the current project.
The Hotlink Sources list displays the sources of the hotlinked module files together with their status.
Note: For a more comprehensive and printable display of the hotlinked source files, click Show hierarchy in browser from the pop-up button.
For each Source file shown as Legacy or Missing, you must open the file in ARCHICAD 20, using the Open in Separate ARCHICAD button. Then save the opened file (File > Save.)
Note: It is possible that the opened source files contain other hotlinks that are not used in A.pln. (for example, if the module is placed on a story that is not shown in A.pln, or if B.pln contains nested modules, yet the Hotlink Manager for A.pln has checked the “Skip Nested Modules” box). If these nested modules are in legacy format, ARCHICAD will display a warning when they are opened. In this case, you should continue the conversion process, treating B.pln as a separate project that contains legacy hotlinks: you must save those hotlink sources in ARCHICAD 20 as described in this document – by resaving the files, locating missing sources, resaving nested legacy source files, etc.
In the Hotlink Sources section, click Refresh Status from the pop-up button.
Click Update.
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