Merge vs. Link vs. Open

The Detect IFC Model Changes command applies the merging algorithm for the detected geometrical differences between two (old and new) states of received models (two IFC files exported from the same application).
Note: Before merging a file, you should save the running ARCHICAD file.
Note: You cannot directly hotlink an IFC file to ARCHICAD. However, when you open an IFC project and hotlink its elements to another ARCHICAD project, all IFC parameters are retained, including the elements’ classification by structural function and position, as well as the elements’ profile, material and other IFC properties such as Fire rating. IFC data in linked modules are also treated as native ARCHICAD properties, so they can be searched and listed in the host project.
The Open command launches a model or CAD drawing as a separate ARCHICAD file, independent of any other project currently open in ARCHICAD. This imported file can be added later as a reference to the appropriate part of another ARCHICAD project as mentioned before.
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