External reference files (XREF) are similar to Hotlinked Modules, except that they are DXF or DWG files and not ARCHICAD files.
Note: If any of the functions described do not work properly, the DXF/DWG Add-On may be missing, or the DXF/DWG Translator is not set. You can check this easily by choosing File > Open and looking for the appropriate file types in the Files of type field. The missing Add-On can be loaded with the Add-On Manager command in the Options menu.
From the Floor Plan, Detail or Worksheet window, use File > External Content > Attach XREF.
Click Attach.
Note: You should not attach XREFs from different locations if they have the same file name, because AutoCAD cannot open such files. (If they have the same name but different file extensions – DXF vs. DWG – this can still cause problems.)
To manage XREFs attached to the project, use File > External Content > XREF Manager.
See also XREFs for an overview.
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