Merge a DXF/DWG File

You can merge DXF and DWG format files into the currently open ARCHICAD Project. Use File > Interoperability > Merge, and choose the DXF/DWG file you want to merge.
The Merge DXF-DWG dialog box appears. You have the option of merging the content of Model Space into the current View, or to Merge (Append) Paper Spaces to the Layout Book of the Project.
Use File > Save as, then click the Settings button to access the DXF-DWG Translation Setup dialog box.
Note: You must first save your ARCHICAD Project (save a PLN) so that it contains the necessary information for the merge process. If there is no Merge information in a DWG/DXF file, you won’t be able to rebuild ARCHICAD model elements, only simple AutoCAD-native data. In case the ARCHICAD file was not saved before, this option is grayed.
Now the time has come to bring your separately made additions together. Activate the File > Interoperability > Merge command and select the appropriate DXF/DWG file. If you have saved an ARCHICAD file as dxf/dwg format in the right way (step 2), you can merge it into the same ARCHICAD file using the Smart Merge Options:
From the Merge DXF-DWG dialog box, choose the Merge Content of Model Space into Current View option,
From the DXF/DWG Merge dialog box, choose Merge Options,
The Smart Merge Options dialog box appears, allowing you to modify the Smart Merge configuration file and the translator options (if desired).
Note: You can also set up these options in advance at File > Interoperability > DXF-DWG > Smart Merge Options.
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