Save Document in PDF Format

Go to File > Save As, and choose PDF as the file format.
Note: To limit the window contents to be saved, use the Marquee tool.
Click Page Options to set the Paper Size and Orientation of the resulting PDF Document.
Note: No Page Options button is available if you are saving to PDF from a Layout window.
Click Document Options to define your preferred settings for the content of the resulting PDF Document. These are similar to the options in the Print 2D/Print 3D dialog boxes.
Note: No Document Options button is available when saving to PDF from a formatted list window.
When saving to PDF, you can save the contents in Color, Black & White, or Grayscale.
For a Layout, you can choose to output multiple Layouts into a PDF files, or else just the current Layout (at its current zoom or in its entirety), just as when printing a Layout.
For a formatted list, you have Scaling options and the ability to place each zone or page of the list onto a new sheet.
PDF Options: At the bottom left of the Document Options dialog box, click PDF Options.
See PDF Options for details.
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