Element Settings Dialog

Note: Imported IFC elements and their properties (depending on the translator used) generally (by default) are protected against modification in accordance with the Reference model concept. Of course, by activating the layers of those elements, those elements too can be modified as needed.
Note: The available standard IFC Attribute and Property data types depend on the element’s “Element Classification” value. For example, if an ARCHICAD Wall element uses its “Wall” Element Classification, then its IFC Type will be an IfcWall, and only those standard IFC data sets will be available which correspond to IfcWall IFC Type (e.g. the Pset_WallCommon Property Set). If its Element Classification is “Column”, then the IFC standard properties corresponding to IfcColumn will be available (e.g. the Pset_ColumnCommon properties).
The new data – with their values, or else just the checked items without values – will appear under IFC Properties. Here, you can assign values to the available data fields that are still empty.
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