Export Rhino Model

From the 3D window, use Save as Rhino 3D Model (.3dm) to export part or all of the ARCHICAD model to Rhino.
Click Options in the Save as dialog box to access additional options:
Note: Although a single ARCHICAD element can have a different color for each surface, a single Rhino element can have only one color for all surfaces. Thus, to retain all the surface colors of a multi-color ARCHICAD element, it will be exploded into multiple elements – each with a different color – in Rhino.
Note: The default options will work for most users. However, you can click the Details tab to see and change export settings if needed.
The default setting is Hybrid – a smart method that interprets each element as either BREP or Mesh depending on its surface geometry – so you end up with both kinds of elements in Rhino.
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