CAD Formats Opened by ARCHICAD

Note: If you are working in AutoCAD and open a DWG that was originally saved from ARCHICAD, an Alert may appear. However, you should go ahead and work with the saved DWG in AutoCAD – no stability problems should result.
Dimension elements are converted only if you break them up in MicroStation before the conversion using the Drop Dimension command. The conversion of associated dimensions cannot be completed because their internal structure is not known.
Tag elements are not handled at all because of lack of information.
Custom lines are not converted in the current version, as MicroStation can use more elements than ARCHICAD in this type of element.
Shared cells become library parts in ARCHICAD. They are placed in a folder called “DGN_filename.LIB” (where DGN_filename is the name of the original DGN file), which is created and saved by the conversion process. If such a folder exists, it will be emptied first.
Image files assigned to the DGN file are not converted.
The reference point for text elements is always located in the bottom left corner of their box, because the text measurement algorithms of MicroStation are not known. This can lead to problems for associative points.
As the Spline generation algorithms are very different in the two applications, the shapes of the converted splines will differ somewhat from the originals.
During conversion, all elements on all levels are converted, regardless of the visibility of the level in the DGN file.
You have the option of using a configuration file. For the text to be positioned correctly, use a monospaced font both in MicroStation and ARCHICAD.
Files referenced by the DGN file can be also converted.
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