Coordinate values are displayed in the Tracker, which follows your mouse movements and is available in any editable window type.
or check Show Tracker in Options > Work Environment > Tracker and Coordinate Input:
By default, the Tracker appears On-demand: that is, only during coordinate input and editing operations.
To show/hide the Tracker if you have not yet begun element input: use the N shortcut. The Tracker will pop up and display the cursor position.
Alternatively, choose Always to display the Tracker continuously. This means that the Tracker will follow your cursor even if you are not inputting anything, providing feedback on the cursor position.
Tracker options (including colors, contents and behavior) can be set in Options > Work Environment > Tracker and Coordinate Input.
Relative Coordinates are measured from the Edit Origin.
Use the Tracker menu from the Standard Toolbar to toggle the Relative Coordinates in Tracker preference on or off.
Absolute coordinates are measured from the User Origin. (If you haven’t reset the User Origin, this is the same as the Project Origin). The Tracker displays Absolute coordinates if you have turned off the “Relative Coordinates in Tracker” toggle.
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