Navigator View Map

Note: The Pop-up Navigator replicates many of the functions of the Navigator Palette familiar from older versions of ARCHICAD. The Navigator Palette (and the Organizer) remain available at Window > Palettes. For details on their specific functions, see Navigator Palette and Organizer Palette.
The project’s views are listed in the Navigator View Map. In both the Navigator and Tab Bar, a view’s icon has a blue outline.
Note: You can create a dynamic connection between project viewpoints and views if you clone a folder.
Click Save View from the tab’s context menu
Click Save Current View from the viewpoint’s context menu in the Pop-up Navigator
Note: As a rule, even after you switch from one tab to another, the view/viewpoint settings on each tab remain as you left them, specific to each tab.
Use the Save View and Place on Layout command
In the View Settings Dialog Box, click Get Current Window’s Settings to overwrite the original view settings with those of the active window.
To restore the view’s saved status, Double-click the tab (or click Restore View from the tab’s context menu).
With a view open, use the Save as View command to open View Settings.
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