Navigator Palette

Window > Palettes > Navigator
Important: Operations involving Pop-up Navigator and Navigator/Organizer items (such as drag and drop between Navigator maps, deleting items from the Project Map or View Map, or adding items to the Publisher set) are not added to the undo queue, and are not undoable.
Use the Publisher from the Navigator Palette to set up the items you want to publish, and set the publishing method and format. Each Publisher item refers directly to a View or to a Layout.
Use the Navigator’s Project Chooser to access views and layouts from external ARCHICAD files and place them into the Layout Book of your current project
The Navigator Palette has a special double-tree mode, called the Organizer, which makes it easier to move items from one map to the other (See Organizer Palette.)
The Clone a Folder command is available only from the Navigator Palette’s View Map
The Lists folder of the Project Map contains three items: Elements, Components and Zones, containing predefined list schemes (also available from Document > Schedules and Lists)
The Info folder of the Project Map contains the Project Notes and Report items (also available from the Window menu)
Click Settings to view a selected item’s settings
Use the command buttons to create and manage Navigator items
Note: In the Project Map, the Story ID is not editable. A Story ID is identical to its Story Number, which can be set in Story Settings.
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