Splitting Elements

The Split command is available in the Floor Plan and 3D Window, and – for drawing elements only – in Section/Elevation/IE and 3D Document windows, and Details and Worksheets.
Note: You cannot split a polygon – such as a Roof element – with an arc.
Note: You can split a Curtain Wall with another Curtain Wall, but you must use the Split Curtain Wall command.
Exception: If you are splitting a Morph, you have more freedom: the splitting plane can be set perpendicular to the current editing plane.
Choose the Edit > Reshape > Split command, or the hatchet icon from the Info Box.
Note: When splitting walls, the split takes place at the point where the splitting line intersects with the reference line(s) of the selected elements.
If the selected element is intersected by an element in several locations, the Split command will split the selected element at every intersection point.
Note: When no elements are selected, the Split command will let you split a wall at the clicked location along any of its sides or reference line.
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