Magic Wand Settings

Use the Design > Magic Wand Settings command to open this dialog box.
Best Match: Curved segments (when applicable) will follow as best as possible the natural form of Circles, Arcs and Splines.
Prefer Linear Segments: Only linear segments are used.
Deviation from Curves: Enter a value to define the maximum deviation of the polygon from the original curved element.
Segments Along Arcs: Define the number of segments along an Arc.
Segments Along Circles: Define the number of segments along a Circle. In this case, arcs will be transformed into a number of segments corresponding to the part of the circle they represent.
Segment Length: Enter a value to define the segment length for transformations resulting in segments of uniform length.
Note: If you choose the Best Match method and real curves cannot be created, ARCHICAD will try to approximate curves in the hierarchical order represented in this dialog box.
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